Sunday night inspiration


There are times when we just don’t know what the heck we want to write about or what we feel for that matter. We know there is an emotion rising in us that’s desperately seeking an outlet. It could be anger, fear or something that we don’t even understand ourselves until we write it out.

We can become pissed off with at thought of writing then annoyed at ourselves for not doing anything about it and before we know it, its late Sunday night and we have work and the school run tomorrow and if we don’t do it now it’ll be too late…aarggh!

I’ve had a weekend like that.

Procrastination. Big time. Being a rebel, (I don’t even want to write) being a critic (it’s all rubbish anyway!)

Then I remember. Making a start, is a start. And like anything its getting started that is the difficult part. So what I do is create a writing prompt, then free-write and see where that takes me. It normally leads me back to that pesky emotion that has been rising up inside.

Here are a few for you to try;

  • The suitcase remained closed in the corner of the room…
  • A blue flashing light caught my eye…
  • He opened his mouth to tell me something and then stopped himself…
  • It tasted foul like it had been lying out for hours…
  • I heard them whisper about me…
  • The strange clanking noise continued…

Writing even just a few sentences on one of these prompts (or more if you have the time) releases the pressure we put on ourselves to write. We can pursue where the prompt takes us or use it as a way of loosening ourselves up, like a warm-up to get on with what we are really writing about.

pexels-phototugl0ttfPrompts are also great resources for future pieces of writing. There has been many a time I’ve remembered, or went back over some of my free-write pieces and used them as inspiration for a character or storyline.

Because that emotion that you have inside of you, no matter what it is, seeks an outlet and letting it out on the page creates an emotive piece of writing.





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