Drop the past


The past has gone, disappeared; only images and projections of what we believe to be true remain. We can conjure these up as we wish and have free-reign over whether we believe they are true or not. The past may leave residual physical feelings inside of us (namely in our throat and stomach) when we recall things we think happened.


The bodily sensations which arise can make us think that those things are still happening now. The past is faded photographs of people (including ourselves) disintegrating at the edges and we can use our imagination to fill in what we don’t remember. The past may hold pain and at times we return there and bring it with us into the present and project it into the future.

The past also holds people we may wish to recall. It may be people we miss and no-one else can live up to them. It may be people who hurt us and unknowingly we see them in the faces and actions of others. This isn’t to continue hurting ourselves (although it may feel that way) it’s more a form of self-protection. It’s because we were hurt and cannot let that happen again.

So we  take those fading and disintegrating projections and hold them up and look at the world through them, seeing what we saw previously.

What if we were to drop these? What would you see? Does it scare you?


What if we turn our fear into excitement?

All we have is this moment. And this moment. One after the other.

The past is not real. All pain is in the past.

See our life in this instant as a moment to behold.


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