I’ve created this blog in a desire to help you tell your story, sharing what I’ve learned in both creative writing and in healing from past hurts. In helping you tell your story I will share mine. I’ve created some writing exercises and will share some fantastic exercises I have learned to help you write more creatively. Along the way we can become more mindful, release past hurts, creatively re-write our story, realise what we are grateful for and share our stories with the world!.

This is how we heal and ultimately help others heal.

A bit about me…

I’m a published creative writer and editor who started writing in 2014 following studying University courses in Creative Writing and attending writer’s workshops. Including a recent Hay House Writer’s Workshop in London. I’ve had many short stories and poems published, however more than that, I have healed through writing.

Writing can heal through expressing the unexpressable.

We can turn our past into art. It may be a painful process to go through but its worth it!


Rhona xx