14 Steps to regain your equilibrium post-Christmas.

It dawned on me today that although I have had time off work over the festive season, not a lot of that time has been doing things that I want, just for me. Mostly I have been making sure there has been enough food for visitors, enough activities to keep my son occupied and enough time spent with my partner. Does that sound familiar and is it selfish to want more? I mean isn’t Christmas all about the family and giving?

One thing I know for sure is that I felt sluggish taking my son back to school on this dark drizzly morning. After dropping him off, I started to fill the day with food shopping, cleaning; washing clothes oh and maybe I would work more on preparing for that upcoming workshop. It all felt rather heavy like the weather.

pexels-photo-242276Instead something made me walk into the bathroom when I got home at 10am and run myself a bath. Instantly my mood shifted and I did all the little things that make me feel good such as;

  1. Poured good bath oil into the tub.
  2. Made a cup of peppermint tea to sip whilst in bath.
  3. Read a motivational book (a reread of The Power by Rhonda Byrne)
  4. Shaved my legs, taking my time instead of the usual shower ‘hack’.
  5. Massaged shampoo into my hair followed by a hair-mask like they do in a hair salon.
  6. Put towels and fluffy robe onto the radiator to warm up.
  7. Rubbed cooling foot lotion into my feet followed by some cosy socks.
  8. Smoothed on body lotion that I normally keep for special occasions
  9. Put on some good pants.
  10. Climbed into some velvety pyjamas.
  11. Made a fruit salad.
  12. Put on ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’.
  13. Lit some candles and incense.
  14. Breathed deeply

I did all of that before 12pm. Did I feel guilty that the carpet could do with a hoover, that there were some cereal bowls in the sink or that I really should get some writing done? No. Slowly my body started to relax into the sofa, not in a sleepy way but in a ibloodywellneedthis kind of way.



Why do we feel the need to do, do, do all the time? Never resting and listening to that quiet voice inside that says what about me?

So on this, my last day before going back to work, I feel more rested during the past two hours than I have done in the last two weeks.

Try it; sometime in January take that time out just for you, doing what you want; decadently. I promise you, you do deserve it and you’ll feel great afterwards.